Ravioli: Goat cheese & honey

-For the Ravioli dough: 200g flour tip '00' 200g semolina 4 whole eggs 1/3 tsp sea salt 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil -For the stuffing: 300 gr goat cheese 5 tbsp honey A pinch of sea salt A pinch of pepper 1/2 tsp virgin olive oil Ok, Let′s cook! To make the stuffing simply... Continue Reading →

Delish Oreo-banana sub

Good afternoon foodies! These past days I had too many things on my mind because #HollidaySeason duh...hahah I′m travelling to Costa Rica on Friday and I had lots of things to do before my depart...some Christmas shopping, pet supplies shopping, plus lots of friends meetings and work meetings, packing for my travels...you know, the usual... Continue Reading →

Spanish broken eggs

Good afternoon everyone! today I′m in a hurry so I′m leaving you guys a recipe for those moments you don′t have the time to cook but you also don′t want to starve haha This is a Spanish recipe I love and it′s called "Huevos rotos" Potatoes Eggs Cumin Spanish Pimentón dulce Parma Jam Garlic Powder... Continue Reading →

Shrimps n′ brie bruschetta

Good evening readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I certainly did! Today I′m sharing this "easy to make" appetizer, perfect for those days were you are not expecting company and suddenly the bell rings. Ingredients: Bread (cut into slices) Brie cheese (cut into slices) Fresh Parsley Fresh 1/2 lemon juice Olive oil... Continue Reading →

My “non pesto” pesto

Good evening to all! Tonight I′m dropping by just to give you a new idea for a pesto sauce: Instead of sticking to the traditional recipe I like to mix it up a little bit with these proportions: 80% fresh basil 20% arugula Pinions Chopped walnuts Chopped pecans Salt and pepper to taste Fresh chopped... Continue Reading →

Bbq pulled pork sandwich

Good morning to all the soaking wet people around the world! haha today is raining AGAIN (of course) in Amsterdam. I had the mailman bringing a delivery to my house super early in the morning and he looked like he just had a shower...WITH HIS CLOTHES ON! so I gave him a warm muffin and... Continue Reading →

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