Ananas to keep to summer alive

Good afternoon! It´s been raining a lot lately here in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) so because today the sun came out to play I decided to bring a little bit of summer back.

This is probably the easiest thing to do….EVER and the good thing about this desert is that you can make it for a lot of people, it will take you only a few minutes and you can get very creative.

Must have in the kitchen:



Agave or Maple syrup

Cane sugar

Vanilla or pecan ice cream

Pecan and walnuts (chopped)

Ginger cookies (optional)



Cut the fruit in the shape you most prefer, butter and heat a big or small pan (depending on how much fruit you are cooking). when its hot add the fruit and let it caramelize by adding a whisk of cane sugar on top. Once the fruit is cooking don´t move it or steer, just let it be until you see its getting a tan color and then its time to turn it over and let it cook the on the other side. Once its done add the maple or agave syrup on top and turn the fire off.

For the ice cream mix add as much scoops as you like and the the nuts and the cookies if you chose to use some.

It´s simply delicious and will take no time out of your busy schedule…or your lazy day hahah. Perfect for a sunny Sunday!

Have a great day!

Catch you on my next post


The Food Vandal


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