Spinach fritters like my grandma used to make

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know I´ve been missing lately but like some of you that know me well know I´ve been a bit sick and I need some rest from time to time but don´t worry, I´ll be fine ; )

Today I´m bringing to the table some delicious spinach frittatas like my grandma used to make me when I was a kid. This is a really good way of making your kids eat their vegetables if they are not too fond of “the greens”.


300 g Fresh spinach (well wash and dry)

1 Big onion

2 Eggs

1 tsp of Salt

Pepper to taste

130 g Self raising flour

1 cup of low fat cream

Sunflower oil

How to:

Cut the onion in brunoise (tiny squares) and fry it in a pan with a tbsp of olive oil.

Wash and squeeze the spinach until its well dry. Now you can choose between using it raw or adding it to the onions ones the onions already got that tanned color.

I like to cook it with the onions for around 30 seconds using a mild fire.

Once it´s done, grab a bowl: put the onions and the spinach, the eggs, the cream, the salt, a whisk of pepper and while you mix it with a spoon add the flour using a sieve.

whisk until the preparation has consistency but it´s not too thick.

Grab a frying pan and put enough oil so it will cover half of the frittatas (I like to use sunflower oil). Use strong fire. Take small portions of the mix and fry them.

It takes very little time for them to be done so don´t take your eyes away from the frying pan. Once they get a tan color turn them and in about a minute they´ll be ready.

Hope you like it!

Catch you later on my next post,


The Food Vandal





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