Spanish broken eggs

Good afternoon everyone! today I′m in a hurry so I′m leaving you guys a recipe for those moments you don′t have the time to cook but you also don′t want to starve haha

This is a Spanish recipe I love and it′s called “Huevos rotos”




Spanish Pimentón dulce

Parma Jam

Garlic Powder

Salt and pepper to taste

First you should cut the potatoes in round slices and fried them in a pan. Then fried the eggs separately and season with garlic, cumin, salt, papper, spanish pimentón and garlic powder to taste, add the Parma Jam (I didn′t had at home but I′m encouraging you to buy it for this recipe). Serve all together and enjoy!

Hope you have a beautiful day!!

See you on my next post…gotta run!


The Food Vandale

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